As we have booked through Packhorse we’ve had very little input into the accommodation choices, so it’ll always be fun to turn up at the end of the day’s walk not knowing exactly what we’ll find. Hopefully they’ll all be nice surprises. Check back after the walk for our thoughts.

  Location Accommodation Rating Comments
Night 0 Kirkby Stephen Fletcher House 4 Tea and cake downstairs, friendliness, and a spacious room
Night 1 Ennerdale Bridge Brackenwray Farm 5 Ultra fresh eggs for breakfast and good packed lunch. A lift to and from the pub for dinner. Two rooms to ourselves, but two separate beds too.
Night 2 Rosthwaite The Langstrath Hotel 3 Very good food and good whisky. Cramped room and not that friendly. The brown sauce incident is as indelible in my memory as on my walking trousers.
Night 3 Grasmere West View 4 More tea and more cake. Very friendly and copious bacon at breakfast. Good views from the small room.
Night 4 Patterdale Oldwater View 5 Fab all round, very nice room and Ian was good for a chat or two. Drying room!
Night 5 Shap Brookfield 4 “There’s Kidsty Pike, that smudge in the distance”. Fluffy dressing gowns, more more tea and more more cake, an epic packed lunch. Unprepared at breakfast though. 4 seems unfair now but I’m sticking to it.
Night 6 Kirkby Stephen Old Croft House 4 Hot scones and homemade jam. Footcare! Unfortunately a hot tap that wouldn’t turn off took the top score away.
Night 7 Keld Butt House 3 Nice communal dining, and a bath. Rather cold and austere and no double bed. Good for walkers though.
Night 8 Reeth School House 3 Nicely furnished, but not for walkers. Came with a very excitable puppy and an owner in a dressing gown. Smoked salmon and bagels at breakfast.
Night 9 Catterick Bridge St Giles Farm 4 Wonderful dinner and breakfast from the aga, and tea and cake downstairs with assorted others. Monty. An incredibly squeaky bed robbed my night’s sleep.
Night 10 Ingleby Cross Park House 3 Good food and company for dinner. Very cold and still had the air of dormitorification. Very disappointing packed lunch with soggy beef crisps a particular low point.
Night 11 Blakey Ridge The Lion Inn 4 Iconic, a good dinner, and whisky to take upstairs to bed. No welcome at all though, and a disappointing breakfast.
Night 12 Grosmont Hollins Lodge 3 Back to tea and cake. Large room with a good shower. We skipped breakfast. Nothing special.
Night 13 Ravenstonedale A Corner of Eden 5 Something special. Our treat for the end of the walk, and well chosen.
















We were genuinely pleased with all of our accommodation, and our thanks must go to Packhorse for this. Even those that were ‘nothing special’ were at least adequate and there’s nowhere I’d warn people against.

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