An Introduction

Welcome. If you’re reading this, you probably either know us or are interested in the Coast to Coast walk but maybe not both. Introductions, then.

I’m Tim, and I’ll be your guide for the Coast to Coast section of our site. Elspeth, my wife and co-walker, will be making her input behind the scenes. We have a shared love of the hills and walking is the best way to experience them. Living in Bedford and working in London does somewhat limit our exposure to the hills, so a two week walking holiday through some of the most beautiful parts of the country will be fantastic.

The Coast to Coast walk is one of the most popular long distance walks in the country, spanning 190 miles from St Bee’s Head on the West coast over to Robin Hoods Bay on the East, through three national parks (the Lake District, Yorkshire Dales, and North York Moors). It is to us the most appealing of long distance walks: the fact that it is not an official footpath makes it feel like less of a highway, and walking from one side of the country to the other sounds pretty cool. We're starting at St Bee's on the 8th of September. It’ll be a challenge but one we’re looking forward to a huge amount.

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