One of the best bits about combining walking and hills is the landscapes that you’re presented with, and the way they evolve and are slowly revealed as you slowly move through the environment. A great opportunity to develop my eye for both large scale landscapes and small scale nature photography.

My new camera is a Pentax K100D Super, which I’ve had for a few months. It’s my first SLR, and I’m still very much learning about how best to use this fantastic piece of equipment. I’m using the kit lens, 18-55mm. This seems quite a handy lens, but I’m just starting to find its limitations. Once I get a better handle on the type of photography I’m really interested in then I might invest in an appropriate lens, but at the moment I wouldn’t be able to decide between a nice wide angle, a heavy telephoto, or a specialised macro lens.

Expect plenty of photos from our walk.

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