Post Walk Pint

We get to the end of a walk and sit in a pub somewhere chatting about where we went, what we enjoyed, what we’ve learned. You, the reader, gain the benefit of this conversation without actually buying me any beer. In case you want to though, make mine a black sheep.

What a fantastic walk. If you get the opportunity, do it. Make the opportunity. Elspeth has said that she never really understood why people would want to do the walk more than once, but now she does. And she wants to walk it again. Perhaps it’s like reading a very good book: you get something different out of it each time you read it. The knowledge and understanding you gain from reading it the first time then colours the experience the second time around. For us, knowing that we are physically capable of the challenge, that we never ran short of time on any of the legs, and that it was a great deal of fun all contribute to wanting to walk it again, take more time, enjoy the best bits and prepare for the in-between bits. We could afford to be more laid back.

One more thing we have learned: clean, dry socks are so, so valuable. Gaiters also. If there’s a chance that you’ll get wet feet, pack a spare pair of walking socks in your rucksack and you will have such bliss when you stop halfway round to peel off the sodden socks and put on the fresh clean ones. I’ve been told this by people in the past but never really bothered. Now I will, every time we’re out in the hills.

So, our best…
Day: the first day in the moors, over the Cleveland Hills
Breakfast: the bacon and eggs at Langstrath Hotel
Climb: out of Stonethwaite to Greenup Edge
Pint: The one at Keld Lodge, directly at the end of a squelchy misty day, standing at the bar in my socks.
View: back from Helm Crag. Immense.
Coast: East.

Goodbye Coast to Coast, I hope we’ll see you again some time. 

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